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IntelMQ - n6 Integration

n6 is an Open Source Tool with very similar aims as IntelMQ: processing and distributing IoC data. The use-cases, architecture and features differ and both tools have non-overlapping strengths. n6 is maintained and developed by

Information about n6 can be found here:

n6 schema

n6 data flow

Data format

The internal data representation differs between IntelMQ and n6, so any data exchange between the systems requires a format conversion. For example, in n6 one message can contain multiple IP addresses, but IntelMQ is intentionally restricted to one IP address per message. Therefore, one n6 event results in one or more IntelMQ events. Because of this, and some other naming differences and ambiguities, the format conversion is not bidirectional.

Data exchange interface

n6 offers a STOMP interface via the RabbitMQ broker, which can be used for both sending and receiving data. IntelMQ offers both a STOMP collector bot for receiving data from n6, as well as a STOMP output bot for sending data to n6 instances.

  • Stomp Collector Bot
  • N6 Parser Bot
  • Stomp Output Bot

Data conversion

IntelMQ can parse n6 data using the n6 parser and n6 can parse IntelMQ data using the Intelmq n6 parser.

  • N6 Parser Bot

Complete example

Data flow n6 to IntelMQ

dataflow from n6 to IntelMQ

Data flow IntelMQ to n6

dataflow from IntelMQ to n6 Data feed offers data feed available to their partners through the STOMP interface. Our feeds documentation contains details how it can be enabled in IntelMQ: n6 STOMP stream

Webinput CSV

The IntelMQ Webinput CSV software can also be used together with n6. The documentation on this component can be found in the software's repository: