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Common Problems


Permission denied when using Redis Unix socket

If you get an error like this:

intelmq.lib.exceptions.PipelineError: pipeline failed - ConnectionError('Error 13 connecting to unix socket: /var/run/redis/redis.sock. Permission denied.',)

Make sure the intelmq user as sufficient permissions for the socket.

In /etc/redis/redis.conf (or wherever your configuration is), check the permissions and set it for example to group-writeable:

unixsocketperm 770

And add the user intelmq to the redis-group:

usermod -aG redis intelmq

My bot(s) died on startup with no errors logged

Rather than starting your bot(s) with intelmqctl start, try intelmqctl run [bot]. This will provide valuable debug output you might not otherwise see, pointing to issues like system configuration errors.

Orphaned Queues

This section has been moved to the Management Guide.

Multithreading is not available for this bot

Multithreading is not available for some bots and AMQP broker is necessary. Possible reasons why a certain bot or a setup does not support Multithreading include:

  • Multithreading is only available when using the AMQP broker.
  • For most collectors, Multithreading is disabled. Otherwise this would lead to duplicated data, as the data retrieval is not atomic.
  • Some bots use libraries which are not thread safe. Look a the bot's documentation for more information.
  • Some bots' operations are not thread safe. Look a the bot's documentation for more information.

If you think this mapping is wrong, please report a bug.



If the command is not configured correctly, you will see exceptions on startup like this:

intelmq_manager.runctl.IntelMQCtlError: <ERROR_MESSAGE>

This means the intelmqctl command could not be executed as a subprocess. The <ERROR_MESSAGE> should indicate why.

Access Denied / Authentication Required "Please provide valid Token verification credentials"

If you see the IntelMQ Manager interface and menu, but the API calls to the back-end querying configuration and status of IntelMQ fail with "Access Denied" or "Authentication Required: Please provide valid Token verification credentials" errors, you are maybe not logged in while the API requires authentication.

By default, the API requires authentication. Create user accounts and login with them or - if you have other protection means in place - deactivate the authentication requirement by removing or renaming the session_store parameter in the configuration.

Internal Server Error

There can be various reasons for internal server errors. You need to look at the error log of your web server, for example /var/log/apache2/error.log or /var/log/httpd/error_log for Apache 2. It could be that the sudo-setup is not functional, the configuration file or session database file can not be read or written or other errors in regards to the execution of the API program.

Can I just install it from the deb/rpm packages while installing IntelMQ from a different source?

Yes, you can install the API and the Manager from the deb/rpm repositories, and install your IntelMQ from a somewhere else, e.g. a local repository. However, knowledge about Python and system administration experience is recommended if you do so.

The packages install IntelMQ to /usr/lib/python3*/site-packages/intelmq/. Installing with pip results in /usr/local/lib/python3*/site-packages/intelmq/ (and some other accompaning resources) which overrides the installation in /usr/lib/. You probably need to adapt the configuration parameter intelmq_ctl_cmd to the /usr/local/bin/intelmqctl executable and some other tweaks.

sqlite3.OperationalError: attempt to write a readonly database

SQLite does not only need write access to the database itself, but also the folder the database file is located in. Please check that the webserver has write permissions to the folder the session file is located in.