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Creating extensions packages

IntelMQ supports adding additional bots using your own independent packages. You can use this to add a new integration that is special to you, or cannot be integrated into the main IntelMQ repository for some reason.

Building an extension package

A simple example of the package can be found in contrib/example-extension-package. To make your custom bots work with IntelMQ, you need to ensure that

  • your bot's module exposes a BOT object of the class inherited from or its subclasses,
  • your package registers an entry point in the console_scripts group with a name starting with intelmq.bots. followed by the name of the group (collectors, experts, outputs, parsers), and then your original name. The entry point must point to the method,
  • the module in which the bot resides must be importable by IntelMQ (e.g. installed in the same virtualenv, if you use them).

Apart from these requirements, your package can use any of the usual package features. We strongly recommend following the same principles and main guidelines as the official bots. This will ensure the same experience when using official and additional bots.

Naming convention

Building your own extensions gives you a lot of freedom, but it's important to know that if your bot's entry point uses the same name as another bot, it may not be possible to use it, or to determine which one is being used. For this reason, we recommend that you start the name of your bot with an with an organization identifier and then the bot name.

For example, if I create a collector bot for feed source Special and run it on behalf of the organization Awesome, the suggested entry point might be intelmq.bots.collectors.awesome.special. Note that the structure of your package doesn't matter, as long as it can be imported properly.

For example, I could create a package called awesome-bots with the following file structure

   ├── pyproject.toml
   └── awesome_bots

The pyproject.toml file would then have the following section:

   intelmq.bots.collectors.awesome.special = ""

Once you have installed your package, you can run intelmqctl list bots to check if your bot was properly registered.